WAG Kelly Stafford Defends Brittany Mahomes From Backlash Following Steamy SI Swim Photos

WAG Kelly Stafford Defends Brittany Mahomes From Backlash Following Steamy SI Swim Photos

Brittany Mahomes for ‘Sports Illustrated.’

Despite rooting for an opposing team, Kelly Stafford came to Brittany Mahomes’ defense in the wake of the release of her brand new photos for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Her fellow WAG, who is married to the Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, took to Instagram on Thursday, Feb. 8 to uplift several other WAGs she looks up to, including Allison Kuch and Kristin Juszczyk. But the newest Swim Rookie was front and center in the carousel, and seemingly inspired the post after her debut garnered a number of critical comments.

“These are just a few of the many women who I look up to… the ones that have used their position in this life to build businesses, give back and overall do good in this world,” she wrote, telling anyone who disagreed that people with a platform should use it, no matter how it was obtained.

“Don’t be ashamed of how you received it, be grateful and use it,” she encouraged. “Use it to support your family, use it to give back, use it to create positive change, use it for good. Even if you misstep along the way, stay true to yourself and your values and you will do more good than bad.”

While Mahomes’ announcement racked up countless supportive replies, mixed in between, plenty of folks said she “never woulda made the list if it wasn’t for her husband” and questioned the appropriateness of a “wife of NFL quarterback and mother of small children, showing it all for all the world to see.”

While she may have to thank Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes for the initial launch of her platform, she’s the one who has used it to become a co-owner of the NWSL team Kansas City Current, and helped to construct a stadium for the soccer team—the first to ever be built specifically for a women’s team.

“These women deserve to feel important and have their own facility so that they can perform at their best,” she told SI. “I hope this sets the bar for women’s sports everywhere and other cities continue to build around women’s sports. Just like young boys get to dream of playing football at stadiums like Arrowhead, I want young girls everywhere to aspire to play at stadiums like CPKC.”

“It’s hard not to feel ashamed that what you have is because of someone you are married to,” Kelly continued. “I know Matthew gave me this platform but I’ve used it to create a community…So let’s keep lifting one another up.”

Mahomes also addressed the haters, posting one of her swimsuit photos to her Instagram Story and acknowledging that some “people will dislike you” and other “people will love you.”

She added, “Dont let any of that define you KEEP SHINING and being YOU✨.”