The One Thing You Should Be Doing After A Big Meal To Improve Your Health

The One Thing You Should Be Doing After A Big Meal To Improve Your Health

Is there anything more satisfying than the feeling after a big meal? You’re full, you’re a little sleepy, and you’re satisfied. In fact, for some (me), it’s the ideal time to just nod right off and have a cheeky 20 minute nap.

In fact, the Christmas Day nap after the huge dinner is a highlight of the day for me.

However, apparently, what we should be doing is not napping but actually, walking. I know, I know, I’m disappointed too, but I think the health benefits may make it worthwhile.

According to @nikkithepa, an aesthetics, emergency and functional med physician assistant and TikTok creator, going for a walk after a big meal has a multitude of health benefits.

Why you should go for a walk after a big meal

In a recent video, Nikki says that this is the most simple but effective health habit you should be adding to your day for these x reasons:

Can help with digestion

Taking a short walk after a meal improves digestion. This is because walking helps to stimulate the muscles in your abdomen, promoting the movement of food through your digestive system.

Helps with blood sugar control

Nikki says: “By engaging in a post-meal walk, your muscles become more receptive to glucose uptake, allowing them to efficiently utilise and absorb the sugar from your blood stream.”

She adds that this helps regulate your blood sugar levels, preventing sharp spikes and crashes, promoting a metabolic balance.

It offers mental and emotional benefits

Nikki said that as you walk after a meal, your brain releases “feel good neurotransmitters” like serotonin and endorphins which improve the mood and reduce stress levels as well as enhancing overall mental wellbeing.

Nikki advises walking between 30 minutes to an hour after your meal and your walk only needs to be 10 to 15 minutes.

We’re off to get our steps in….