Savannah Guthrie Nearly Breaks Down in Tears While Announcing Time Off From ‘Today’ Show

Savannah Guthrie Nearly Breaks Down in Tears While Announcing Time Off From ‘Today’ Show

Tears almost streamed down Savannah Guthrie‘s face when she announced that she would be taking some time off from Today on Monday, February 12. But the root of her emotional TV moment might not be what you think.

During a segment led by Carson Daly, it was announced that Kacey Musgraves would be taking the stage on Today on March 15. “She’ll be here, performing live, as part of our Citi Concert Series,” Carson, 50, told viewers and his cohosts.

Savannah, 52, could be heard shouting “What?!” when she found out that Kacey, 35, would be appearing on the talk show. The moment was followed by a few gasps.

“You should’ve seen Savannah’s face when she just heard that,” Al Roker chimed in.

Unfortunately, Savannah will not be in attendance to see the country singer perform that day. “I’m off that day because it’s my 10th anniversary,” she said while making a crying face and pretending to shed tears.

The broadcaster has been married to her husband, Mike Feldman, since 2014. They share two children, Vale and Charles. “So, who are you going to pick — Mike or Kacey?” Craig Melvin playfully asked, to which Savannah replied, “I’m gonna pick my honey.”

“What about Mike?” Al, 69, and Carson asked in unison. The hilarious moment sent all of her costars into a pool of laughter.

Savannah Guthrie with Mike Feldman

Savannah Guthrie with Mike Feldman

Fans of Savannah may be used to seeing her share sweet posts dedicated to her hubby on her Instagram page.

“Mike, man of many talents — husband, father, friend + grill master and pizza maestro. Happy birthday to my sweet love @feldmike,” she gushed over her husband in an October 2023 caption. Perhaps he’ll get the hint and take her to one of Kacey’s concerts in the future!

Kacey performed on the Today show back in July 2019, singing songs off of her Golden Hour album. Savannah was in attendance during the performance just before the Grammy winner announced the second part of her world tour, which included shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Luckily for Savannah, if she ends up going on a trip for her anniversary this year, she’ll have some new music to listen to on the way. March 15 will mark the release of Kacey’s newest album, Deeper Well.

“It’s a collection of songs I hold very dear to my heart. I hope it makes a home in all of your hearts, too,” the hitmaker teased on Instagram.