Officer Sharing His Breakfast With His K9 Sidekick Is Making Everybody Smile

Officer Sharing His Breakfast With His K9 Sidekick Is Making Everybody Smile

Police officers with a K9 dog for a partner are inseparable. Not only do they work together but they live together as well, and their bonds are extremely strong. Officer O’Reilly shared a video of him and his partner Radar enjoying their breakfast, and people can’t get enough of the two!

The video is about a minute and a half long and shows the Officer sitting in his police vehicle. There’s a door behind him, and when he opens it up, Radar immediately pops his head through. I’m sure he knew his Dog dad had breakfast waiting for him. O’Reilly then shows us some scrambled eggs and starts breaking it apart. Radar gets a bite and then he gets a bite. Make sure the sound is up so you can hear Radar’s tail thumping in excitement!

I’m not going to lie; I get as excited as @Radar when I know I’m going to eat! Funny thing about this is that Radar doesn’t seem to want to share with his dad…he even tries to steal food right out of dad’s mouth! O’Reilly started his TikTok account dedicated to showing videos of the pair enjoying snacks, and it’s a big hit…fans love their videos! Fans left over 1,900 comments about the two enjoying breakfast together. @JBJovifan76 said exactly what I was thinking, “The tail gets me every single time!” @Christine wondered, “Is there anything Radar doesn’t like? LOL” and O’Reilly responded, “Not a huge fan of bananas. But he’ll eat them if it’s all I’ve got.”

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The Bond Between a K9 Dog and Its Officer

Commenter @brendadondo pointed out, “It’s so obvious what an incredible relationship you have with Radar…so very devoted to each other! Keep each other safe!” Just like human officers who are partners, Radar and O’Reilly depend on each other and have each other’s backs. Their lives literally depend on each other. They go through weeks and weeks of training to learn how to work together, trust each other, and how to work as a team. This leads to an incredibly strong emotional bond.

Outside of work, the pair remain together. They eat, play, and live together. The dog becomes a member of the family, and while it may seem like a pet, the dog knows that its main job and number one priority is to protect its master at all costs. They do get along well with other family pets and become a part of the pack. The K9 dog knows when it’s work time and when it’s play time and can separate the two.

After 5-10 years of working, the dog will retire and will continue to live with the family. I’m sure having a K9 is much like having your best friend with you 24/7. This type of relationship is pretty cool!

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