Nick Lachey Explains The ‘Amazing’ Influence Taylor Swift Had on His Bond With His Daughter

Nick Lachey Explains The 'Amazing' Influence Taylor Swift Had on His Bond With His Daughter

Nick Lachey shared a message of gratitude towards Taylor Swift and the positive influence she’s had on his relationship with his daughter Brooklyn.

The Love Is Blind host gave credit where credit is due and praised the international pop superstar for her ability to get young girls interested in football, saying he knows firsthand that her presence at NFL games has helped the sport reach new audiences–like the 9-year-old-he shares with his wife Vanessa Lachey–like never before.

“You know what’s amazing is my daughter never, ever wanted to watch a football game with dad,” the 50-year-old media personality recently told ET. “Now she will sit and she said, ‘Have they shown Taylor yet? Have they shown Taylor yet?’ I was like, ‘No, not yet. Oh, he scored. Come on baby.'”

According to the 98 Degrees frontman, Swift’s attendance–and the NFL’s decision to show her in the stands–hasn’t dissuaded him from tuning in, in fact, he said he “appreciates” what she’s done for the professional league.

“Look, I would watch any football game anyway,” the doting dad added, “but I understand and appreciate what [Taylor’s] brought to football this year and to the NFL and look, who isn’t a Taylor Swift fan?”

Lachey’s story isn’t just anecdotal, either. A spokesperson for StubHub cited the “Taylor Swift effect” for the record-breaking ticket sales the Kansas City Chiefs had this year.

According to StubHub data, after the “Cruel Summer” singer’s first appearance at Arrowhead Stadium, and in the first 24 hours since then, the Kansas City Chiefs saw the highest total sales and highest number of visits ever in 20-year history on StubHub. The rep also confirmed that the “unprecedented [ticket] demand” came from “a wider audience than you typically see.”