EvilVEvil Release Window Revealed for Vampire Shooter

EvilVEvil Release Window Revealed for Vampire Shooter

Vampire coop shooter EvilVEvil from Toadman Interactive is set to hit consoles in the Summer.

EvilVEvil details

In EvilVEvil, players will become an ancient, powerful vampire awoken from their long slumber. They are members of The Order of the Dragon, divinely ordained protectors against Zagreus—an all-powerful evil hell-bent on consuming the essence of humanity to make him into the most powerful being in the universe. The only way to fight evil is to become evil, so players must give in to their vampiric urges, and cause bloody Armageddon across EvilVEvil‘s rich story campaign, which features 11 episodic missions for one to three players.

You can watch the announce trailer for EvilVEvil below.

As players cut a bloody path through their victims, artifacts and weapon mods are unlocked, allowing players to adapt their play style and become more powerful in their unholy battle against the forces of evil. But battling Zagreus’ legions isn’t the only thing to consider. Players are rewarded for being the most destructive killing machine and must compete to see who can be the most deadly while fighting through hordes of challenging enemies.

EvilVEvil launches this Summer with three playable characters. Mashaka, who surprises his enemies with a teleport ability, then scorches them with his fire magic; Leon the juggernaut, who chains enemies, pulling them towards a devastating fate; and Victoria, the leader of the team, who can send out copies of herself to hunt down enemies and then slice them apart with her deadly katana.

EvilVEvil will cost $19.99 when it is released on PS5. If you want an early taste of its vampiric carnage, a closed beta for PC is scheduled for March 1, 2024.

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