Christina Hall Says This Flooring Style Is ‘Very Much Out’ and Decreases Home Values—Exclusive!

Christina Hall Says This Flooring Style Is 'Very Much Out' and Decreases Home Values—Exclusive!

Christina Hall

Christina Hall knows a thing or two about flipping properties and flooring. The star of HGTV’s Christina on the Coast and Flip or Flop launched in 2021 her own line of flooring, The Christina Collection, which she describes as “family-friendly” and a collection of “warm colors that are timeless.”

One style that’s not timeless in her book, however? Travertine. In fact, Hall believes it decreases the value of homes.

“Like 15 years ago, everything was really heavy like travertine. It was kind of like travertine on brown and everything felt very dark,” Hall tells Parade, adding, “I think when buyers look at that style, it’s harder to fix because travertine’s a hard material to get rid of.”


Travertine flooring example


While that “style is very much out” for Hall, the real estate and design expert points out that grays have also become less popular in recent years. “We went through a phase where there was a lot of grays about 10 years ago, and then everything became more like whitewashed, like white oaks, more natural colors,” she says. “And now, I’m seeing the trend back to more of the warmer browns.”

Although trends are ever-changing and style is, of course, subjective, there are some trends that Hall personally avoids. “When you aim too much into a style like say farmhouse, that I’m not all about,” the TV personality confesses.

Hall is also “really trying to steer away” from all-white kitchens, even though they “are classic.” Instead, she has been “urging” clients to do a “pop of color” with either an island or upper or lower cabinets. She explains, “Just something so it’s not just so whitewashed.”

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Continue reading for more tips from Christina Hall, plus find out her go-to flooring from The Christina Collection…

What would you say is the number one mistake people make when changing out their flooring?

I’d say not taking into consideration pets and kids. Pets have little nails and children, obviously, spills and everything. So I just say really knowing what your heavy traffic zones are like, and understanding that certain materials can be more porous than you may expect.

That’s a good tip. What are some other tips you’d give when it comes to choosing new flooring, for those looking to switch out?

I would say stick with a bit more, if you can, on the timeless side. It’s cool to do like a different flooring in a bathroom or a cool tile in an entryway, but when it comes to the whole house, I would say sticking with a classic flooring, a classic color. Like the Camelback, that’s always a safe option because I don’t feel that one will ever go out of style. It’s not too light. It’s not too dark. So I would just say more timeless.

Do you recommend keeping consistent flooring throughout except in somewhere like a bathroom, where you could do a pop of color…?

Yeah, I like sticking with the same flooring throughout bedrooms, throughout the whole house, besides bathrooms, laundry room, stuff like that, and then I like just putting down a rug because those are affordable and easy to switch out… I like consistency. I feel like it makes houses look bigger.

[A rug] is such a simple way to change up a room.

Yes. All [of] our rooms have rugs because that adds a pop too. It doesn’t feel so boring and it’s just like the same flooring throughout.

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Pikes Peak from The Christina Collection

MTR Construction

How would you describe your flooring line to our readers?

Family-friendly, durable, kid-friendly, pet-friendly and I would say nice, warm colors that are timeless.

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What made you want to launch your own collection?

A couple [of] years ago, a friend of mine who was in the flooring industry, who I had been working with for a while, approached me about it and I was like, “Yeah, as long as I like the colors.”

So we laid 1,000 swatches out on my giant kitchen island in my old house, and I just picked like my top 30 favorites. And I just said, you know, “I want to make sure it’s affordable for everyone and that it is family-friendly.” And that’s how it got started.

What’s your favorite or go-to from the line?

I would say it’s Camelback and Pikes Peak right now just because I feel like no matter what color cabinets you have, no matter what style you’re going for, [they] really can blend with any style.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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