Brooke Vincent reveals why she will never do Strictly Come Dancing

Brooke Vincent reveals why she will never do Strictly Come Dancing

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Brooke Vincent has admitted she couldn’t do Strictly Come Dancing after her cousin Ellie Leach won, because she would feel like “the failure” of their family.

Leach lifted the Glitterball Trophy in the Strictly 2023 final alongside partner Vito Coppola, and while Vincent said she was incredibly proud of her younger cousin, watching her success has not inspired the actor to follow in her footsteps.

Vincent spoke to This Morning on Thursday about how much admiration she has for Leach, in an interview about her new theatre role in a stage show adaptation of TV series The Syndicate.

What, how, and why?

Brooke Vincent said she couldn't imagine following in Ellie Leach's footsteps. (Getty Images For Bauer Media)
Brooke Vincent said she couldn’t imagine following in Ellie Leach’s footsteps. (Getty Images For Bauer Media)

Brooke Vincent might have been younger cousin Ellie Leach’s role model in joining the Coronation Street cast, but she has admitted she won’t be following in Leach’s footsteps to take part in Strictly Come Dancing as she feels like she couldn’t live up to her success.

Leach was crowned the champion of Strictly 2023 alongside Vito Coppola in December, the youngest ever winner of the BBC contest. But although Vincent guided Leach through her early days in soap, she revealed the reason that she wouldn’t be looking to Leach for help in taking on the ballroom.

Speaking on Thursday’s This Morning alongside Gaynor Faye about their stage adaptation of The Syndicate, Vincent said she was very proud of her cousin.

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola are the winners of Strictly Come Dancing 2023 (BBC)
Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola won Strictly Come Dancing 2023. (BBC)

Host Josie Gibson asked her: “Would you ever do Strictly?” but despite having done Dancing On Ice Vincent replied: “Oh god, I can’t now, can I, after she’s won. I’d be like the failure.

“She just did amazing, it was amazing to watch. You get bored of saying how proud you are of someone so I was trying to word it in different ways – ‘well done! You did really well this week!'”

Vincent added: “I’m actually seeing her tonight, she’s moved to London for a bit, it’s like she’s gone off to uni.”

What else happened on This Morning?

Emmerdale star Gaynor Faye with her mother Kay Mellor, who died aged 71. (Getty Images)
Gaynor Faye is taking on her late mum Kay Mellor’s stage show. (Getty Images)

Gaynor Faye, another Coronation Street alumnus, was also on the sofa with Vincent to speak about bringing her late mum Kay Mellor‘s TV series The Syndicate to the stage for a theatre tour.

Faye told how she had been involved in the project alongside her mum, but after Mellor’s death in 2022 she took over as director for the show.

She said: “I was going to assist my mum on it, but now obviously I’m doing it on my own in her memory. It’s what she wanted so we really want to get behind her and make it a great show.”

Faye also shared that she had trained as a counsellor, explaining: “I did, in lockdown. I realised that the pandemic was going to cause a lot of mental health issues for people, myself included, and I’ve got two kids, they’re 19 and 22. Everybody’s been affected by it.

“I just thought I really need to learn the tools so that I can give them to my kids, help myself, get through this, and I really loved it.”

This Morning airs on ITV at 10am on weekdays.

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