Your February Tarotscope: Prepare for a Drama-Filled Valentine’s Day

Your February Tarotscope: Prepare for a Drama-Filled Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Tarot Horoscope 2024

Love, the most desired feeling of all, is worth celebrating. This reminder gets loud and clear now with the arrival of Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2024. This year, the stars conjure the full spectrum of emotions, and the vibe can go from sweet and tender one minute to intensely sexual the next! What do the stars have in store for you this Valentine’s Day? We’ve consulted the Goddess of Love tarot deck created by Gaby Herstik to guide you in making the best of this romantic holiday. What will the stars manifest for you?

For the best results, read the love tarotscope for your sun and rising signs.

Valentine’s Day 2024 Tarotscope for Each Zodiac Sign


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Aries: The Chariot

Regardless of your current status, it’s time to take your romantic destiny into your own hands, Aries. If single, the presence of this card suggests letting your guard down. You seem ready to overcome past disillusionment and might ask someone new out. If partnered, your VDay celebration will benefit from balancing what’s on your mind with what’s on your heart. Surprise your darling with a chill evening where you can be alone for the ride!

Taurus: Eight of Pentacles Reversed

Like everything else in life, Taurus, love is what you make it! If you are single, this card insinuates you are not putting in the effort required for your love life to truly be what you desire. If you’re partnered and feel like complacency might be setting in, it might be time to do something radical! Grab your darling and do something you’ve never done for Valentine’s, which is sure to deliver a fun time!

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Gemini: Seven of Pentacles

This Valentine’s Day, your love life is coming to fruition, Gemini! If you already have a boo, the 7 of Pentacles speaks of the nurturance you’ve given to one another, which has created a long-term bond between you—congratulations! If you’re single, this holiday might be more about processing your past relationships so you can truly figure out what you desire in a serious partnership. Either way, your romantic future looks bright!

Cancer: The Hanged Man Reversed

This Valentine’s Day, it’s time for action! If you’ve been taking a break from dating recently, this card insinuates that the waiting period is over. You’re closer to knowing what you want, so it might be time to take the initiative and invite that cutie out! If you’re already committed, it’s time to celebrate the shedding of old beliefs about what you cannot accomplish together as a couple. A renewed sense of energy is available to you now!

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Leo: Death Reversed

Your love life is experiencing a huge rite of passage, Leo! Regardless of your status, this card urges you to change your romantic patterns for this year’s festivities. If you’re already coupled up, doing something new brings excitement to your bond. Embracing this card if you’re single would mean doing exactly the opposite of what you normally do. This includes replacing that “maybe some other time” with a “sure—that sounds fun!”

Virgo: Four of Wands

Whether taken or flying solo, a good omen accompanies you this Valentine’s Day, Virgo! Being a card of celebration, success, and prosperity, the Four of Wands suggests a reaffirming of your bond or taking things to the next level with an existing partner. If you’re single, an ex or a past love could suddenly reappear back into your life with a celebratory vibe and set of mind. How fun!

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Libra: Five of Cups Reversed

In 2024, Valentine’s Day carries a very deep but cleansing vibe for you, Libra. Being a deeply emotional card, the reversal of the Five of Cups indicates an emotional purging. You’re letting go of old sorrows now and beginning to see all the possibilities that lie in front of you. Celebrate the official day of love by sharing your feelings with your partner or bestie.

Scorpio: Temperance Reversed

Keep things light, Scorpio. The reversal appearance of this card suggests you might be feeling feisty during this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations. If you sense that there is something you need to get off your chest, it might be best to “leave the feistiness for dessert” if you’re out dining with your darling. If single, make plans with only a couple of your closest pals who you feel close to and comfortable with.

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Sagittarius: Queen of Swords

Luck tends to follow you, Sagittarius—and Valentine’s Day is no exception. If you’re taken, all eyes will be on you and your darling tonight as you truly embody the vibe of the sophisticated couple you are! Romance is also in your cards if you go out and search for it. Running into someone whose relationship values of freedom, fun, and honesty resonate with yours is a total possibility.

Capricorn: The High Priestess

Get ready to receive attention, Capricorn. Regardless of your status or your plans this Valentine’s Day, a golden aura will surround you that will be hard to resist. If you’re searching for a romantic partner, there will be plenty of options to choose from, so get out there! If you’re taken, you might want to stay in, as a deep and soulful connection is promised to emerge between you two!

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Aquarius: 4 of Pentacles

Choose newness this Valentine’s Day, Aquarius. The appearance of this card insinuates that if you’re part of a duet, either you or your partner might be holding on to anger from the past. A similar energy shows if you’re flying solo and are interested in meeting new people. Remember that a past experience won’t repeat as long as you decide not to leave space for it in your mind.

Pisces: The Tower

Major revelations are in store for your love life this Valentine’s Day, Pisces. If single, the universe will disclose the limiting beliefs that hold you from finding your perfect match—as well as the dissolution of them. If you’re committed, this card inspires you to be completely honest with each other concerning your desires and expectations. You might realize that a very unique type of magic unleashes when old notions about your bond become obsolete.