Sydney Sweeney Has One Surprising Rule When It Comes To Her Eating Habits

Sydney Sweeney Has One Surprising Rule When It Comes To Her Eating Habits

Sydney Sweeney has been everywhere lately—gracing big billboards and bigger movie screens, in commercials and smiling from magazine covers. And now, the actress is starring in the highly-anticipated new Marvel movie, Madame Web, which hits theaters on February 14. In the flick, Sydney plays a woman named Julia Carpenter, a.k.a. Spider-Woman, and her character definitely knows how to pack a punch.

Of course, prior to this movie release, the 26-year-old was busy running around promoting her other movie, a popular rom-com called Anyone But You, so it’s only natural to wonder how Syd stays fueled and ready for action at a moment’s notice. Curious to know what propels this star throughout her day?

Here’s everything Sydney has shared with Women’s Health about her diet, from her favorite mealtime staples to her go-to snacks and desserts.

Breakfast and lunch are pretty simple.

For that first meal of the day, Syd keeps it straightforward, reaching for fruit and some simple carbs. “I love a good bowl of berries and some eggs and a bagel,” she tells Women’s Health.

For lunch, she’ll usually tuck into a chicken Caesar salad or a cheeseburger—“something hearty,” she explains.

Sydney makes sure to stay super hydrated.

Water is pretty much always Sydney’s beverage of choice.

“Ever since I was 12 years old, I was like, ‘I’m just going to drink water,’” she said. “And I love it. And I’ve been drinking Bai also, which is flavored water, and I really like it because you can kind of get bored with water every day, but that’s my balance.” (Sydney has been a Bai partner since 2023).

She’s got a major sweet tooth.

“I love my sugar. I love my candy. I love my cookies and ice cream,” she explains.

But the No. 1 sweet treat on her list is a pizookie, which is basically a chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream on top. “It’s my thing,” Syd says.

BTW, you can find evidence of the actress’ sweet tooth on her IG, too.

While most people will pour themselves a steaming cup of coffee in the morning to provide a little extra energy jolt, you won’t see Sydney doing the same. “I have never even tried coffee,” she previously told Bustle.

Instead, Sydney gets that little extra zip with the help of some sugar. “I eat sugar, so it balances out,” she said. “Instead of coffee, I’ll have some Swedish Fish or anything gummy if I’m tired.”

Dinner is usually Italian.

Her third meal of the day “depends on where I am,” Sydney tells WH. “I love Italian… Italian’s usually my go-to for dinner.”

If she’s visiting New York, you’ll probably find Sydney at Bar Pitti, which is her fave restaurant for some Italian grub. However, if the actress is gearing up for a night in, you might find her chowing down on some Kraft mac n’ cheese or a hot dog, Syd told People

Of course, Sydney also stresses the importance of fueling up on meals that will keep her energized. “It’s important to eat,” she says. “I mean, I definitely one day will probably start eating healthier, but I work out and I’m so active, so I’m able to balance that out. But I love food and it makes me happy.”

Sydney loves snacking.

Yep, she’s a self-described “snacker” in-between meals. And it should come as no surprise that sweets are often her snack of choice. “I’ll randomly find some Sour Patch kids or some peanut M&M’s,” after lunch, she explains.

She doesn’t really drink alcohol.

Cocktails and wine don’t really jive with the Madame Web star. “I don’t drink,” she says. “I just identify as just a water person… I never really think about alcohol, to be honest.”

She also noted that she’s not “strictly sober” but rather that alcohol just is not really “something that excites” her. Case in point: If Sydney feeling like mixing it up and needs a mid-day boost, she’ll reach for a Pilavo Pineapple Mango Bai drink.

And her fave Bai flavor is actually quite sentimental. The star explained that while filming her hit TV series, The White Lotus, she ate a ton if pineapple so now, “whenever I drink it, it makes me go back to how amazing of a time I had on White Lotus,”

She finds a good, healthy balance.

Sydney admitted that she’s not the healthiest eater, but she aims to strike a good balance when it comes to her lifestyle choices.“I’ll try and eat healthy,” she tells WH. “I love a good salad. I love chicken, but I cannot refuse a good dessert.”