Next James Bond movie gets a disappointing update: “Nothing is happening yet”

Next James Bond movie gets a disappointing update: "Nothing is happening yet"

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has given a disappointing update on the next movie in the beloved franchise.

Speaking to Deadline at Christopher Nolan’s British Film Institute Fellowship Award ceremony recently, she was quizzed on if she can say anything about Bond’s future. “No, there’s nothing I can tell you about the next Bond film,” she told the publication. “There’s nothing. Nothing is happening yet.”

This is sure to be a bit of a letdown for Bond fans who have been eagerly waiting for the casting of the new 007 ever since Daniel Craig’s final film was released in 2021. No Time To Die marked the actor’s last time donning his tux, and since then updates have been slow on the future of the franchise.

The last update we had from Broccoli came in October 2023. She told the Guardian: “Daniel gave us the ability to mine the emotional life of the character… and also the world was ready for it. I think these movies reflect the time they are in, and there’s a big, big road ahead reinventing it for the next chapter and we haven’t even begun with that.”

Despite the delays, there has still been a lot of speculation about who could play the next James Bond, with everyone from Dev Patel to Aaron Taylor-Johnson suggested. Henry Cavill has also been a name in the running and even made it to the final stages of casting last time around.

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