Alyssa Milano Faces Backlash for Attending Super Bowl With Son After Asking for Donations

Alyssa Milano Faces Backlash for Attending Super Bowl With Son After Asking for Donations

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – FEBRUARY 02: Alyssa Milano speaks at MegaCon Orlando 2024 at Orange County Convention Center on February 02, 2024 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Alyssa Milano remains in the hot seat following Super Bowl 2024, with fans criticizing her appearance at the big game after using her platform to solicit donations for her son’s baseball team earlier this year.

The Charmed alum took to Twitter back in January, requesting her 3.4 million followers consider donating to a GoFundMe benefiting the team’s trip to Cooperstown.

Despite a wave of intense backlash for the “out of touch” request, the fundraiser has since reached $15,164 of its $10,000 goal and remains open for donations as of writing.

When the actress shared a sweet snapshot of herself and her son, Milo Thomas, 12—whom she shares with husband David Bugliari—posing in front of one of the end zones at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas before the game began, the backlash reignited, with fans made uneasy by her presence at a game where the cheapest face value ticket runs at $2,000 after begging them for money for her kid’s extracurriculars.

“Must be nice to afford to go to these events,” one Instagram user commented on the photo, while another suggested, “This is what the gofundme was for!”

Another called her presence “shameful,” while someone else imagined her “asking for cash up and down the aisle for [her] son’s baseball cleats.”

“Wow, donations must have been pretty good 👏👏👏,” another comment read, leading some to jump to her defense.

“I knew someone would comment this [BS]. She has the right to pay for what she wants to pay for with her money. She doesn’t owe paying for everyone else’s stuff,” someone replied.

“People need to relax, she’s having an experience with her kid. Knock it off jeez,” agreed another.

Plus, as another person pointed out, Milano was there as part of a fundraiser benefitting the American Cancer Society, which offered everyone who donated a minimum of $10 an entry to win tickets, transportation, and a meet and greet with the actress herself—meaning she likely didn’t even pay for her tickets.

So far, Milano hasn’t responded to any of the most recent critiques, although she did defend herself the first time around, telling fans that she’s “paid for uniforms for the entire team and coaches, thrown bday parties and sponsor[ed] any kid who can’t afford monthly dues.”

However, she later added, “As much as I’d love to pay for the entire team and their families for travel, transportation, hotel, food and beverage, uniforms, trading pins and all the things teams do for this kind of trip—I can not afford to do so. Maybe someday. Also, if I did pay for everyone—my trolls would find something else to be hurtful about.”