35 Beautiful Coffee Bar Ideas That Make Brewing the Perfect Cup Easier

35 Beautiful Coffee Bar Ideas That Make Brewing the Perfect Cup Easier

If there’s one constant in your day, it’s that morning cup of coffee—and maybe the afternoon cup, too. Whether your a.m. routine involves a quick pour and a mad dash, a slow slip and easy sunrise, or perhaps something in between, there’s no denying the cozy comfort of an aromatic brew and that energy-inducing first sip.

That said, having your very own at-home coffee bar is a luxury that you’ll use time and again. Best of all, you’ve got tons of options when it comes to creating the perfect setup. You could lightly remodel your space or create a built-in, or you can easily get creative within your home’s existing footprint by blocking out a section of your kitchen or introducing a new piece of furniture. Let these coffee bar ideas from interior designers get your wheels turning.

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French Bistro-Inspired Glass and Brass

Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography / Erika Bonnell Interiors

Oui, oui! This French bistro-inspired coffee bar was placed just off the kitchen to ease congestion in the primary working space.

“Our main challenge was that this area was initially created to be a pass-through to the kitchen and also housed a desk,” says interior designer Erika Bonnell. “Our solution was to give it purpose by designating function and designing to that function. All of the walls were tiled floor to ceiling to bring in the French charm, and custom bistro shelves and built-ins were installed as icing on the cake.”

Walnut Cabinets and Makalu Stone

Denise Davies Photography, D2 Interieurs

This spec house was built with a typical butler’s pantry featuring the same cabinetry that was in the kitchen. Denise Davies, founder of D2 Interieurs, chose to install new walnut cabinets and walnut shelving along with this leathered Makalu stone to give the coffee bar a brand-new look. The owners wanted to combine their coffee and wine bar into one, hence the fused space.

Patterned Tile Backsplash

Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography, Unique Kitchens & Baths

Light wood cabinetry and white countertops lend a neutral backdrop, while a patterned tile provides some pizzazz in this coffee bar. “Our design goal for the space was to buy appliances that set the stage for a beautiful kitchen,” says Tanya Smith-Shiflett of Unique Kitchens and Baths. “This kitchen was actually designed around the appliances and accented with a gorgeous tile to tie the look together.”

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Sleek and Modern

Madeline Harper Photography; Triple Heart Design

Sleek modern minimalism is the name of the game for this streamlined coffee bar. “Coffee was very important to the clients, and having an open area to display their beautiful coffee machines was the foundation of the design,” says Shelagh Conway, principal and founder of Triple Heart Design. “The white oak cabinets with light counters and backsplash are anchored with black oak cabinets on each end.”

White Oak and Marble

Nicole Dianne Photography, Collected Interiors

“A white oak interior adds warmth to this coffee bar, and also ensures that it looks as stylish open as it does closed,” says interior designer Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors. “The drawer underneath is the perfect storage solution for coffee filters, coffee grounds, and tea bags, too.” Gorgeous Armac Martin knobs add just the perfect touch of sophistication to the space.

Brick and Forest Green


Meghan Bob Photography, Kitchen and Design Group

This gorgeous coffee bar channels academic energy with its handsome brick wall, rich forest green cabinets, and golden puls. The shelves provide enough space for books, pitchers, pastry stands, and of course everything necessary for a great cup of coffee.

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Multi-Use Station

Stoffer Photography Interiors, Amy Storm & Company

A large nook is transformed into a multi-use space in this design by Amy Storm & Company. One side features a tucked-away coffee station—with mugs conveniently right above—while the rest of the area stores servingware and cooking supplies.

Narrow Niche


Stoffer Photography Interiors, Amy Storm & Company

Carve out the perfect perch for your percolating coffee à la this design by Amy Storm & Company. Sandwiched between cabinetry on either side, this slim coffee bar features a subway tile backsplash, white countertops, and three tiers of open shelving.

Pure Pour-Over Minimalism

For pure simplicity, take your inspiration from this minimalist coffee station designed by Tanya Smith-Shiflett of Unique Kitchens and Baths. “The coordinating brass details on this client’s pour-over coffee maker were too pretty to hide, so we made it the main design feature by showcasing it on the countertop,” she says.

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Terracotta Backdrop


Stutler Cabinets

Who says a coffee bar must be tucked into a corner or nook? Here, coffee takes center stage. “We utilized Clay Import Terracotta tiles and hand-built white oak shelving with corbels, sea grass Corian countertops, and a mix of cream and wood cabinetry for a coastal casita theme,” says Liz Stutler of Stutler Cabinets.

Easy Access

Emily Kennedy Photography, StruckSured Interiors

If you’re dealing with an awkard coffee niche/wall jog, your solution might just be to turn it into the perfect coffee bar. This one was located directly across from the kitchen, creating a prime opportunity for exactly that.

“Avid coffee drinkers, these clients wanted to reduce the circulation and walking through the kitchen for non-essential morning tasks while still making the coffee easily accessible,” says Samantha Struck of StruckSured Interiors. “We decided to turn the niche into a coffee station to bring it all together and turn, what felt like an unused space, into the perfect place to make your morning cup of joe.”

To connect the spaces, her team used the same backsplash and materials as the kitchen to create some continuity.

Double-Duty Bar

Jane Beiles Photography, D2 Interieurs

This bar was once a dated butler’s pantry but now serves as a transition between the kitchen and the living room—and is home to a traditional home cocktail bar and coffee station. Because it is so open, Davies wanted an upscale look that looked formal but still funky and functional.

Wet Bar Coffee Station

Stoffer Photography Interiors, Amy Storm & Company

Whether you already have a wet bar in your home (or plan to add one), this feature is the perfect place for a coffee bar. Not only do floating shelves provide storage for mugs and coffee necessities, but they also provide an opportunity to showcase some personality through artwork and curated collections.


In this home, designer Sallie Lord of GreyHunt Interiors wanted to create a casual breakfast area that provided all the necessary coffee accouterments so her clients could start their day off right.

“It was set up to be a grab-and-go so family and guests could help themselves and get whatever they needed with storage below,” Lord says. “We also wanted to ensure the design was cohesive throughout the house.”

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Modern Greige

Meghan Bob Photography, Kitchen and Design Group

The beauty of this coffee bar is that it can be tucked away or put on display, depending on the owner’s preferences that given day. It features a neutral color palette of creamy greige and a veined marble backsplash—and is large enough to fit several appliances with shelving for cups above.

Scullery Coffee Counter

Paige Rumore Photography, Brad Ramsey Interiors

This coffee station is located in a scullery to allow the main kitchen to stay clean and clutter-free. “Our clients are true coffee connoisseurs and wanted to be able to make anything from a single cup of coffee to a fancy latte or cappuccino,” says interior designer Brad Ramsey. “Being located in the same space as the secondary refrigerator and sink allows for easy cleanup, making this an ideal location.”

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Custom and Built-In

Brett Culbert Photography, Open Standard

Cabinetry gurus Open Standard worked diligently with their clients on a full kitchen renovation, focusing on functionality and a bold choice of color. These owners take their coffee and tea very seriously, and designer Brett Culbert wanted to honor their ritual through his design.

“We designed a dedicated space for their Miele coffee maker and tea supplies, using customized pullouts and storage,” says Culbert. “In small spaces, functionality and usability must be the top priority, but that doesn’t mean that the result can’t also feel incredibly special.”

Nook With Open Shelving

Stoffer Photography Interiors, Amy Storm & Company

This contemporary coffee nook keeps things simple with a white-gray color palette and white-washed wood shelving. An espresso machine anchors the space while coffee mugs and coffee accessories sit just above. The drawers below provide extra storage for things like tea bags, sugar, honey, filters, and more.

Petite Coffee Corner

Scott Rosenthal Photography, Deana Lenz Interiors

This coffee bar is housed within a recently updated historic apartment, and designer Deana Lenz wanted to keep the space’s original lines while infusing a modern feel.

“There was an empty corner near the banquette, and in New York City, we have to utilize every workable space,” Lenz says. “We created a ‘coffee bar’ in the corner by using glass cabinetry with black metal, which differentiated this area from the rest of the custom oak cabinetry. This area is the perfect spot to make coffee every morning and has beautiful custom glass cabinetry to display coffee cups and accouterments.”

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Glass and Gray Nook


Aimée Mazzenga, Alexandra Kaehler

Here’s another variation on the slim coffee nook. This one, designed by Alexandra Kaehler, features white subway tile with dark grout, three tiers of glass shelving, and a white countertop that’s big enough for both an espresso machine and a traditional coffee maker.

Home Gym


Spacecrafting Photography, Studio BV

We often think of coffee bars going in or around the kitchen, but why not add one to your home gym (if you’re lucky enough to have one)? The second story of this historic home was converted into an owner’s retreat, which included a home gym complete with a beverage bar.

“The design was focused on texture and contrast. The room is very bright and white and full of fitness equipment, and the coffee bar is the moment of contrast,” says interior designer Betsy Vohs of Studio BV. “Walnut shelving floating on a series of gray textured tiles that creates a modern but subtle pattern to this area.” The built-in fridge and water hookup make the space extra functional.

Dark Wood Grain and Grey

Nicole Dianne Photography, Collected Interiors

Here, rich and dark tones of the red oak interior were chosen to complement the kitchen floors and add some interest to the interior of these gray-white cabinets.

“I love the open grain next to the smooth surface of the painted cabinets, which adds visual texture and warmth,” Macuga says. “The coffee bar sits on top of a marble countertop, making coffee spill clean-ups a breeze.” To the left, you’ll see custom panel refrigerator doors. The proximity to the coffee bar makes access to creamers extra easy, and the X-design on the panels adds to the overall custom feel of the kitchen.

Handsome Wood Built-In

Stoffer Photography Interiors, Amy Storm & Company

While white and gray are iconic kitchen choices when it comes to color, sometimes you just need a bit more oomph. This dark wood with beautiful grain creates instant warmth. The combination of enclosed shelving and open shelving above the built-in coffee maker creates some contrast and intrigue.

Mirrored Tiles

Think Chic Interiors

For a bit of sparkle, get creative with your backsplash choice when designing your at-home coffee bar. This one features mirrored tiles, which reflect the light for a brighter feel while simultaneously infusing elegance.

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Easy Side Station

Natalia Robert Photography, Blythe Interiors

To keep morning routines quick and breezy, interior designer Jennifer Verruto of Blythe Interiors created a designated coffee and tea station for her clients so they could easily get their buzz on.

“Tea bags and coffee pods are easily accessible in the top drawers while the cabinets house everything else needed for delicious drinks, including honey, vanilla, cinnamon sticks, and maybe an adult beverage or two,” Verruto says. “We love the functionality provided by the creation of this station. The space was formerly a confusing, junk collector of a corner and is now a sleek, organized, and functional area with plenty of extra storage.”

Open Concept Coffee Bar

Jane Beiles Photography, D2 Interiors

“This open-concept coffee bar is part of the kitchen, breakfast area, and family room so it had to look seamless, yet still be functional for this busy family,” says Davies. “We used white oak cabinets stained a light grey along with pure white Caesarstone to ensure easy clean up and low maintenance. I love the added shelf that allows for easy access to a coffee cup or two.”

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Transitional Space Beauty

Stephen Karlisch Photography, Maestri Studio

If you’ve got a transitional space in your kitchen, consider making the most of it by creating a built-in coffee station, as pictured here.

“This nook is located between the kitchen and dining and off a side porte cochere entrance, so multi-function was key,” says Katie Paulsen, director of interior design at Maestri Studio. “Design elements from the kitchen were incorporated to bridge the two spaces. The center section includes drawers for storage, and it has a stone top for prep and display.”

She adds that full-height doors were added to hide away everyday things, while brass detailing, a chunky dental crown, and oversized hardware help provide some charm.

Coffee Cove

Wendy Concannon Photography, Melinda Kelson O’Connor Architecture & Interiors

This coffee cove makes great use of the open space in this kitchen. The fact that it’s next to the sink and has cabinetry above for coffee accessory storage makes it especially convenient.

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Coffee and Wine Bookends


Ric Marder Photography, New Age Interiors

In this design by New Age Interiors, a gorgeous fireplace and TV is anchored on either side by both a wine rack and coffee station.

Multi-Functional Station

Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography, Erika Bonnell Interiors

“Our clients are big coffee and tea drinkers and needed a functional space to start the day,” Bonnell says. “A beverage fridge, sink, and even a dishwasher make this area a breeze to use when eyes are barely open early in the morning.” Bonnell chose neutral grass cloth-covered walls, naturally-veined stone backsplash, and deep charcoal-blue cabinets which create a heavily textured space perfect for that morning cup of Joe.

Coffee Cupboard

Stoffer Photography Interiors, Amy Storm & Company

If your existing floor plan doesn’t have an ideal space for a coffee bar, you can always incorporate a new piece of furniture to do the job. Here, a tall cabinet serves as a beautiful coffee station while providing ample space for dishes and other kitchen necessities.

Small and Hidden

Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography, Unique Kitchens & Baths

Here’s proof that you don’t need a ton of space to enjoy your very own coffee bar. “Our design goal for this project was to have a hidden coffee bar that was easy to access and pretty when not in use,” says Smith-Shiflett. This area stores coffee appliances, cookbooks, tea, and coffee.

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High Contrast

Sara Tramp-Ligorria, Emily Henderson Design

Contrast is embraced in this beautiful coffee bar by Emily Henderson Design. Pale wood cabinetry and backsplash are paired with a black countertop and hardware, and even the black and white mugs get in on the action. This coffee bar can also be hidden away via pull-out cabinet doors.

A Drawer in the Awkward Corner

Nicole Dianne Photography, Collected Interiors

Dealing with an awkward corner in your kitchen and aren’t quite sure how to leverage the space? Take some inspiration from this hidden appliance garage—complete with coffee necessities—designed by Macuga. Everything’s hidden behind an accordion door when needed.

“The pull-out drawer helps make refilling water a breeze in a tighter space, bringing the appliance closer to the client during those early morning, half-asleep coffee runs,” Macuga says. “But our client’s favorite part of the bar is how the under-cabinet lights give just the perfect ambient glow at 5 a.m. Not too bright, but lit enough to get the morning moving.”

Espresso Machine and Shelving

Annie Schlechter

In this simple coffee bar design by Annie Schlechter, an espresso machine creates an instant anchor and tells us what the space is meant to do. A row of nearby canisters house everything you need to make that morning cup, and mugs are conveniently located right above.

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